Windows 10 system hidden features you don’t know!

Although Apple’s computer is very popular, it has caused many consumers to buy; in fact, the Windows system computer is the mainstream computer of our young people, most of the young people’s computers are Windows systems, and We believes these The computer system is also a Windows 10 system. The evaluation of the Windows 10 system on the market is mixed, but we have to admit that there are many useful features on the Windows 10 system, and also hide some features that we have not found so far. Let’s take a look at the hidden features of the Windows 10 system! Teach everyone the fastest speed familiar with Windows 10 systems.

First, the night mode.

Night mode is present on many mobile phones, but if it exists on a computer, We believes that many people have never heard of it, let alone use this feature on Windows 10 systems. After turning on the night mode, the light on the computer will change to a soft and dim light at the speed visible to the naked eye, which is also useful for protecting the eyes!

Second, it is automatically cleaned up.

Many times, users always feel that their computer is very stuck, there is a lot of garbage, but it is especially troublesome to clean up. But don’t worry now, because the Windows 10 system has added a feature to automatically clean up the garbage, but this feature still needs to be opened by the user. Those who need to use this feature can open it themselves.

Third, share files.

This is a particularly convenient feature, you don’t need to add users, and you don’t need to have a network, but it requires two computers that transfer files to be Windows 10 systems. Otherwise, there is no way to use this function. The ability to share files can only be used nearby.

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